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Our Goal

The long-term strategic goal at Acquire Timber is to practice responsible forestry with a focus on conservation. We strive to ensure the land we own continues to remain attractive by encouraging new growth, preserving or enhancing its value for generations to come.

We believe in doing this while providing impressive financial returns to our investors and benefiting the communities our properties are located within.

land sales

Land Sales

We approach this with the goal in mind of ultimately owning as large a land portfolio as possible, so we only sell when we believe that the short term gain from a sale outweighs the longer term ownership benefits.

As portfolio managers, our operations are a balance of being responsible stewards of the land, maximizing investor returns, and maximizing the liquidity we create for the purpose of funding the next deals. Generally, what we look to sell is land that we believe will have limited value to us in the next 10+ years. An example would be a newly harvested PA hardwood tract that will take 60+ years to generate another highly valuable harvest, but is potentially worth multiples of our value basis. We’ll generally leave sufficient mature timber intact to allow the land to still be an attractive forest, especially in the growing season after the harvest with fresh growth coming through, and sell for residential or recreational purposes.

solar development


This is generally among the most attractive uses to us when all the combined factors needed are in place to make it possible. We harvest all timber in preparation for the array. Once completed, we get to choose between collecting an annual lease, or sell the lease rights while still owning the underlying land.

vacation home development

Vacation Homes

This is rarely a deciding factor for us, but we’re opportunistic on this as it fits well with our agenda to buy in the path of growth near major metro areas. We currently operate a few of these within our portfolio, with an eye on expansion.


Minerals & Other Possibilities

This is an area that we’ve spent a significant amount of time exploring and believe is one that we will tap into more as time goes on.

Beyond that, there are many other possibilities in the land space; rare earth elements, stream bank mitigation credits, carbon credits, etc. There are whole other worlds of opportunity in these items and are things we take into consideration and keep an eye on.


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